Desperate townsfolk have hired you to get rid of the evil warlock who is terrorizing the country. You need to get some gold, assemble a team, get even more gold and fight the villain in the final battle.

Your progress gets auto-saved before battles, so feel free to lose.

During a battle, turn can be skipped with space bar key.

Made for LOWREZJAM 2021.

The game uses Little Conquest font by Jack Oatley.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made, Bosca Ceoil, Defold
TagsFantasy, Hex Based, LOWREZJAM, Short, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes

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Great little game! =)
I've made it - killed the warlock and saved the world

Thanks! Lowrez folk honor you!

Please, make a downloadable version for PC.

Awesome game mate :)
Solid game design, visuals and sound.

Made me want to get to the end!

excellent tactics game with excellent audio-visuals!
love the HoMM battle style!
great job!!

so much fun :)

Nice small little game! Almost lost on the warlock battle because I didn't expect him to resummon the skeleton archers as imps. 

Thank you for playing! Warlock just summons imp every turn, skeletons have nothing to do with it.